Warning about Nick Mancuso (actor, known for Stingray TV series (NBC) and Matrix TV series (CTV))

We apologize beforehand that this website will not answer requests or messages from Nick Mancuso's lawyers or his flying monkeys. We would like to ask you to go the official way via court. Many thanks for your understanding.


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While we are aware that Nick Mancuso has deactivated some of his profiles, we decided to keep up this warning because we know that he will keep abusing some of his fans financially by using other forms of communication (e-mail, Skype and so on). It is a mistake to think that he would stop with his smear campaign if we remove our warnings. Facebook posts of fans from January 2019 and June 2019 proved us right. It took him 11 months to take down the GoFundMe page. His profiles and addresses were known because we were in contact with him for many years, they are not a secret.

There will be no new update of this page, we are done with Nick Mancuso. Report us, spread lies about us, attack us. We have all of that behind us already, you will only be another victim.