The scam takes some years!
  1. Nick Mancuso is an internationally-recognized Hollywood star and he reaches a lot of fans who he can con then, especially those who are female.
  2. If you question if it is the real Nick Mancuso and if you only watch his Facebook timeline the first months and if you look like a potentional "investor" to him, it will not take a long time and he will comment on your timeline. That is a RED FLAG! Which normal celebrity is doing that?
  3. You doubt it is the real Nick Mancuso, until you could verifiy it by yourself, for example by verifying some parameters of his profiles which cannot be faked, things like his geo-location.
  4. Sometime later he calls you via Facebook messenger video call and by mobile phone. It is one hundred percent him if you see him or if you hear his voice. That is a RED FLAG if he contacts you in that way! Your previous doubts are away immediately. What a big honor!
  5. Nick Mancuso will connect with you via e-mail, via Skype and he will follow you back on Twitter and YouTube and other Social Media platforms. WOW! That is a RED FLAG! Which normal celebrity is doing that?
  6. Nick Mancuso asks you for smaller favors first, every fan will love to do him some favors.
  7. He motivates his fans to do him favors by pretending to give them something back in return, for example by praising your name in his Facebook timeline. That is a RED FLAG!
  8. Ex-fans see him praising your name in his Facebook timeline, and they start to warn you that he is not the nice person he pretends to be. You block those fans because they must be crazies. If you ask Nick Mancuso about those warnings, he will tell you that those are crazies! Why should your favorite actor lie? All celebrities have crazy fans somewhere.
  9. Nick Mancuso invites you to meet him in person, and he invites you to a personal dinner (only Nick Mancuso and that fan!), he gives you autographs cost-free. The alarm bells should ring here! That is a RED FLAG! Which normal internationally-recognized Hollywood star would do that? Most of celebrities would be afraid that it could be in the newspapers next day. Does he not have a family, a wife, or a girlfriend? What do they think about it?
  10. Nick Mancuso will ask you some very personal questions at the dinner. In return he will tell you some very personal things about his life, but those are lies. You have no possibility to verify what he tells you, but which fan would believe that the favorite actor would lie in such a situation. You finally trust him and tell him everything about your personal life.
  11. He will invite you to other locations from time to time where you can meet him in person. You may become his new Fan Club president, even if you do not accept. He does not ask you, he does not pay you. But you do not care, you feel like a VIP, like a business partner. You feel highly honored.
  12. Did you ever notice that he causes jealousy between his fans by doing that? It is his intention, he loves it if his fans are highly jealous and if they fight each other. It also helps his smear campaigns later.
  13. If you have some computer skills, he will ask you to help him to unlock his "hacked profiles". He will call you from time to time asking you to solve his problems with profiles, accounts and mobile devices. In the middle of night! He tells you his passwords. Which normal person is doing that? That is a RED FLAG!
  14. Later he may ask you questions about your financial situation, in case your Facebook timeline did not tell him that. That is a RED FLAG!
  15. He will ask you to create websites with payment services (aka online shops) for him. That is a RED FLAG! Of course, you will pay for everything. And only he will receive all the money.
  16. Later he will write you many messages about all the evil persons around him, that many former ex-friends and ex-fans have abused him and that he is the sickest person. That is called PITY PLOY! That is a RED FLAG!
  17. He will manipulate you enough to raise money for him in some way (creating online shops, creating online petitions, offering all types of online services for him). He will make you think that it was your own idea.
  18. You will notice that Nick Mancuso also chats with you about other fans behind their back. Is it not strange that he talks with you about so many crazy fans and ex-fans? But it is a big honor that he trusts you that much. You still do not notice that it is part of his smear campaign against ex-friends and ex-fans.
  19. You learn slowly that being his Fan Club president means that you become his personal assistant who pays and cares for everything, and that you will be made responsible for everything. He forgot to send a fan an autograph? His fans will make you responsible for it, after Nick Mancuso asked that fan to send him the money directly. It is up to you to organize everything, with your own money. You will never see a cent for your work.
  20. He may ask you to transfer money to him directly on his Bank of America banking account because he is stuck in a hotel or because he received a phone bill. He even may ask you for your debit/credit card information. That is a RED FLAG!
  21. After 1-2 years intense chats with him, you will slowly find his statements contradictory. Did he not tell you the opposite some days/weeks/months ago? Did he not promise to help you? If you ask him for help now, you will rarely get a response of him. And if he responds, he will tell you that he was "sick like a dog" all the time. That only happens if you need his help one time, but he will be very healthy if he needs your help then. He will tell you now that he is a Sicilian and that nothing can kill a Sicilian. Was he not dying very soon? That is why his statements are highly contradictory.
  22. You slowly feel abused! You experience something like a déjà vu when he tells other fans that he will die within of a very few days or weeks. You remember that he told you that already years ago that he will die in a very few days. You helped him back then, you helped him later when he asked you for financial help again, you helped him a third time, and now he asks for financial help again? You slowly start to understand that he only "dies soon" in two situations: He bears responsibilty for something he does not like, or he needs money. In other words, he "dies soon" if he feels uncomfortable.
  23. You look at your own banking account and you see that you do not have money to help anymore. You notice slowly that he is a financial hole.
  24. You read through your old conversations with him and you remember the evil people around him who had stolen all his money. You become aware of his contradictory statements when reviewing all messages he sent to you sometime in the past. Your feelings tell you that something must be wrong. Listen to your feelings!
  25. You find out that Nick Mancuso has a very unusual amount of crazy ex-fans and crazy ex-friends around him. His latest messages to you do not make sense.
  26. You start to question his messages to you, and you start to ask him questions which you can now verify by yourself. Now his lies become obvious, because now you can verify his answers. His network of lies slowly starts to collapse. You ask yourself if he might be the crazy one.
  27. Nick Mancuso completely changes his behavior, he starts to call you names in his messages. He slowly becomes mad if you ask him questions before you give him any money.
  28. Nick Mancuso asks you for more money. Due to your doubts and because your own banking account is now empty, you answer him that you cannot give him more money.
  29. Nick Mancuso does not accept your answer and puts you under more pressure with his pity ploys. He needs your money NOW! It cannot wait anymore! He will send you pictures of hospitals and will tell you that he is dying. He even promises you to pay everything back as soon as he found a job again. This is a RED FLAG! If you look up his last productions, they all were no-budget productions. He did not find a job in years. How shall he keep his promise? By conning other fans? Please be aware that you will not get your money back. He has played that game many times. And he is still alive today, even if he did not get money.
  30. If you are in luck, you have a strong family support which helps you to get away from Nick Mancuso now and which stops you from giving him more money. I know how hard it is to tell your favorite actor that you cannot help him anymore. It is difficult for fans and empaths to say "No". He knows that, it is the reason why he conned you all the time. You need to save yourself now!
  31. You connect with the fans who you had blocked in the past and where you thought they are crazies. You ask them about their experience with Nick Mancuso, and suddenly everything makes sense to you. Those people made the same experience as you. You find out that you are not alone.
  32. You find out that Nick Mancuso owes IRS millions and that he also owes many other people a lot of money.
  33. You find out that you cannot get your money back you had invested into him all the time.
  34. You find out that Nick Mancuso thinks that his fans are only "his investors", and that you were one of them.
  35. When confronting him with that, he will tell you that he is bankrupt, and he will spread lies behind your back. He did already spread lies about you behind your back before. Remember the messages where he talked about ex-fans and friends behind their back? Now you become aware that he is doing the same with you now. You experience it live now. You told him some personal details about yourself sometime in the past? He will use that information against you now.
  36. You begin to warn of him. You learn from other fans that it is his way to con people since decades. He perfected that type of scam.
  37. He starts to threaten you with police and attorney. His smear campaign is already fully running. Sorry, but he needs to silence you. He wants to con more people. You are in his way now!
  38. If you have some computer skills, he will tell others now that you shall have "hacked his profiles".
  39. You want to defend yourself against the lies he spreads about you. He will call you a crazy, an obsessed fan, a Nazi, a hacker, a stalker, a bitch, a cunt or whatever. Sometimes he involves his attorneys to silence you.
  40. You block his e-mails, but he still cannot leave you alone. You block him everywhere.

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This website is supported by an IT security specialist who works in financial business (for banks) and by two former fan club presidents. We also have support from a retired NYPD officer. We ensured that no false information is published on this website, we have proofs for each statement listed here. SEO is used for this website.

While we are aware that Nick Mancuso has deactivated some of his profiles, we decided to keep up this warning because we know that he will keep abusing some of his fans financially by using other forms of communication (e-mail, Skype and so on). It is a mistake to think that he would stop with his smear campaign if we remove our warnings. Facebook posts of fans from January 2019 and June 2019 proved us right. It took him 11 months to take down the GoFundMe page. His profiles and addresses were known because we were in contact with him for many years, they are not a secret.

There will be no new update of this page, we are done with Nick Mancuso. Report us, spread lies about us, attack us. We have all of that behind us already, you will only be another victim.