Warning about Nick Mancuso (actor, known for Stingray TV series (NBC) and Matrix TV series (CTV))

This website about Nick Mancuso shall help protect your personal and financial information before you become his next victim. This website is about the actor, not any impersonator.
Nick Mancuso
  • His Facebook profile #1: https://www.facebook.com/nickmancuso.mancuso [1]

  • His Facebook profile #2: https://www.facebook.com/nick.mancuso.5 [1]

  • His Twitter profile #1: https://www.twitter.com/mancusoy [1]

  • His Twitter profile #2: https://www.twitter.com/nicodemus7 [1]

  • His public e-mail address: nickmancuso.mancuso@gmail.com
Do not give him your money! Do not share your private information with him! He will share highly sensitive data behind your back, e.g. login data of his fan pages (e.g. 'Paris Travels') and information about very private details of other fans. He will use your private information in smear campaigns against you later.
Every victim of Nick Mancuso has met him personally after making appointments via his Facebook profile, it can therefore be excluded that someone else was operating his Facebook profile at that time. He also made phone calls/video calls from his Facebook Messenger. The abuse also happened offline, in real life.
  • Also known as: Nicodemo Antonio Massimo "Nick" Mancuso (born May 29, 1948)

  • He is trying to steal your money, he has cheated dozens of fans until they feared for their existence, he is a master manipulator (it is known that some fans have paid five-figure amounts and that they did not receive something in return, even if he promised it)

  • He is blacklisted in Hollywood and Canada

  • He was in jail for domestic violence (confirmed by New York City Police Department)

  • He has made at least 1 million dollar debts, he is searched by IRS, he lost his US-American citizenship because of that

    He asks fans, friends and family via Facebook Messenger, e-mail and GoFundMe to pay his expensive hotel bills, flight tickets, transport, phone bills, food & beverage, medicine and much more. He asks you for your banking account information and your debit/credit card information. For example, he asked to pay his dentures, although his dentures were already fully paid by SAG. He feels entitled to all of your money! He spends much more than he earns (he receives a monthly pension payment and residuals, he earns more than most of his fans). On GoFundMe (https://www.gofundme.com/funding-nick), he tells that he would like to pay old hospital bills. In truth, he collects money on GoFundMe for other reasons. Money spent on GoFundMe will be transferred to his banking account directly, irrespective of whether the goal is reached or not, even if the goal is already exceeded.

    e.g. his ex business manager has stolen all his money (his ex business manager left him a very long time ago), he does not receive residuals from some films, a fan has stolen all paintings, his accounts get hacked all the time, he says that he might die very soon (he provides an endless list of diseases where we think that some diseases are invented by him: his heart only operates at 18% (while he flies around in airplanes), diabetes, hashimoto, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, uranium-235 in his blood, and much more). He leaves the impression to be the most sick and most unlucky person. He "dies" since decades! He has health insurance! He has caused many of his diseases by himself, by smoking and also by alcohol/drug abuse.

    if fans or family or friends warn of him that he financially abuses people with his pity parties. He declares fans as obsessed, jealous, angry stalkers later. He will also call them Illuminati or Starwhackers (Nick Mancuso believes that evil spirits hunt him, like Randy Quaid ;-)). If you were mobbed in the past and he knows the reason, it will repeat sooner or later because of him. He will send his flying monkeys after you and will feed them with all information he has about you!

  • He is a sponger who calls his fans "his investors".

How his scam works

  • You are searching for fan pages of him?
    Many of his fan pages were shut down by his fans, after they found out who Nick Mancuso really is.

Direct quotes of fans and victims

  • "In today's culture we all are being warned about fraudulent celebrity accounts asking fans for money. Then NM [Nick Mancuso] goes ahead and does this."
  • "I recall when he began realizing that I too, would no longer be helping nor would I have anything more to do with him. The countless voice messages, emails, anger, rage and threats. Despicable. How DARE he. He gives new meaning to the word entitlement. For shame."
  • "Nick Mancuso is nothing but a drug addict and alcoholic. He is a sad, useless excuse for a human being who has contributed not one thing of value to this world. He has nothing to be proud of."
  • "As far as stalkers, I would take that term very loosely from his mouth. Of course all, especially good looking actors, get those that get fixated on their favorite actor, but Nick created a lot of his own 'so called' stalkers, by endearing himself, to lots of women and then they fall for him and he 'acts' surprised."
  • "He's been married 8 times legally and one common law marriage. That'll tell you a lot. Just don't think that if he was interested in you that way, that it is anything special. If you are younger thinner and adore him, you are a target, whether he is with someone or not, and he will ingratiate you enough to the point that you will chase him down and he will manipulate you enough so you think it's your idea."

Similar cases

Anna Delvey was abusing people in almost the same way. Like Nick Mancuso, she connected with so-called "friends" who she used for keeping up her facade and/or who she abused financially later. Like Nick Mancuso, she blamed her victims then. In opposite to her, Nick Mancuso is a has-been star who does not have to pretend to be famous.

What can you do if you became a victim?

Please note that money sent to him directly or via GoFundMe cannot be refunded that easily. Usually, banks offer to refund the money within of 6 months. After the deadline of 6 months, the money will be lost forever. You can try to file a complaint with the police, but later they might offer you to file a civil lawsuit where you have to bear the initial costs.


[1] We took notice that some of Nick Mancuso's profiles were shut down after this website was created, therefore some profile URLs might not work anymore. All his profile URLs were confirmed by him in person.
[2] The Facebook group's description "If you think Nick Mancuso likes, loves, or might be sexually infatuated with reptiles..." is a carefully chosen text. It is based on a story Nick Mancuso told almost every fan. Insiders will know what it means.
This website is not affiliated with the previous www.nickmancusoitaly.com website which had existed until the end of the year 2011, the domain name has been available at ICANN.ORG in the year 2018.

This website is supported by an IT security specialist and by two former fan club presidents. We also have support from a retired NYPD officer. We ensured that no false information is published on this website, we have proofs for each statement listed here. SEO is used for this website.

While we are aware that Nick Mancuso has deactivated some of his profiles, we decided to keep up this warning because he leaves the impression that he will keep abusing some of his fans financially by using other forms of communication (e-mail, Skype and so on). A Facebook post of a fan from January 2019, one month after he had deactivated his Facebook profiles, proved us right. His GoFundMe page is still collecting money today. His profiles and addresses were known because we were in contact with him for many years, they are not a secret.