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This website about Nick Mancuso and his self-proclaimed wife Laïla Frances Dekhil (aka Laila Frances Dekhil aka Laila Dekhil) shall help protect your personal and financial information before you become their next victim. This website is about the actor Nick Mancuso from the Stingray TV series and the Matrix TV series, not any impersonator.
Nick Mancuso
He is a criminal!
  • Nick Mancuso's Facebook profile #1: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Facebook profile #2: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Twitter profile #1: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Twitter profile #2: [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's Skype user name: brukuvelanu [1]

  • Nick Mancuso's public e-mail address:

  • Laila F. Dekhil's Facebook profile: (Smear Campaign) [2]

  • Laila F. Dekhil's Facebook harassment page: (Smear Campaign) [2]

  • Laila F. Dekhil's Pinterest harassment page: (Smear Campaign) [2]

  • Nick Mancuso's now "official" website: (operated by a fan) [8]
Do not give him your money! Do not share your private information with him! He will share highly sensitive data behind your back, e.g. login data of his fan pages (e.g. 'Paris Travels') and information about very private details of other fans. Nick Mancuso and his self-proclaimed wife Laila Frances Dekhil will use your private information in smear campaigns against you later and will also spread lies about you.
Every victim of Nick Mancuso has met him personally after making appointments via his Facebook profile, it can therefore be excluded that someone else was operating his Facebook profile at that time. He also made phone calls/video calls from his Facebook Messenger. The abuse also happened offline, in real life.
  • Also known as: Nicodemo Antonio Massimo "Nick" Mancuso (born May 29, 1948)

  • He is trying to steal your money, he has cheated dozens of fans until they feared for their existence, he is a master manipulator (it is known that some fans have paid five-figure amounts and that they did not receive something in return, even if he promised it)

  • He is blacklisted in Hollywood and Canada

  • He was in jail for domestic violence (confirmed by New York City Police Department)

  • He has made at least 1 million dollar debts, he is searched by IRS, he lost his US-American citizenship because of that

    He asks fans, friends and family via Facebook Messenger, e-mail and GoFundMe to pay his expensive hotel bills, flight tickets, transport, phone bills, food & beverage, medicine and much more. He asks you for your banking account information and your debit/credit card information. For example, he asked to pay his dentures, although his dentures were already fully paid by SAG. He feels entitled to all of your money! He spends much more than he earns (he receives a monthly pension payment and residuals, he earns more than most of his fans). He tells on GoFundMe ( that he would like to pay old hospital bills. In truth, he collects money on GoFundMe for other reasons. Money spent on GoFundMe will be transferred to his banking account directly, irrespective of whether the goal is reached or not, even if the goal is already exceeded. If we interpreted posts of Laila Frances Dekhil correctly, the donated money was later spent on pricey perfumes like the one from Guerlain ($260), their expensive apartment near Eiffel Tower, luxury chocolates, and high-end designer purses.

    e.g. his ex business manager has stolen all his money (his ex business manager left him a very long time ago), he does not receive residuals from some films, a fan has stolen all paintings, his accounts get hacked all the time, he says that he might die very soon (he provides an endless list of diseases where we think that some diseases are invented by him: his heart only operates at 18% (while he flies around in airplanes), diabetes, hashimoto, fibromyalgia, hepatitis, uranium-235 in his blood, and much more). He leaves the impression to be the sickest and unluckiest person. He "dies" since decades! He has health insurance! He has caused many of his diseases by himself, by smoking and also by alcohol/drug abuse.

    if fans or family or friends warn of him that he financially abuses people with his pity parties. He declares fans as obsessed, jealous, angry stalkers or even fascists later. He will also call them Illuminati or Starwhackers (Nick Mancuso believes that evil spirits hunt him, like Randy Quaid ;-)). If you were mobbed in the past and he knows the reason, it will repeat sooner or later because of him. He will send his flying monkeys after you and will feed them with all information he has about you! He intentionally causes fan wars and jealousy for his own entertainment. Section "Additional links" on this webpage explains what flying monkeys are, if you scroll down on this page.

  • He had made millions of dollars in the past. Where is all that money? If his own bank does not give him a credit anymore and if he asks fans for money instead, it should be a red flag!

  • He is a sponger who calls his fans "his investors".

  • You are searching for fan pages of him?
    Many of his fan pages were shut down by his fans, after they found out who Nick Mancuso really is.

    - (captured 2007-2007)

    - (captured 2003-2008)

    - (captured 2010-2010)

    - (captured 2003-2012)

    - (captured 2012-2012)

    - (captured 2001-2016)

    - (captured 2002-2016)

    - (captured 2005-2016)

    - (captured 2006-2016)

    - (captured 2009-2016)

    - (captured 2015-2016)

    - (captured 2010-2017)

    - (captured 2018-2018)

Other scam by Nick Mancuso (feat. Greg Martin who also supported his latest fundraiser fraud in 2018)

Another fraud feat. Greg Martin

Another fraud feat. Greg Martin

You can find the original here:

Nick Mancuso can only accept money via direct bank transfer, but not via PayPal

Oldest trick we know, scammers do that. Of course, he knows how to transfer money from PayPal to his bank accounts. He asked for money via PayPal already. He receives money via PayPal all the time, since years. We think he prefers direct bank transfer over PayPal because he skips PayPal's buyer's protection then and you cannot claim your money back later. ATTENTION! Always use PayPal with buyer's protection (6 months money return policy) when sending him money. Always! It has a reason why PayPal offers that! Please read about the consequences of direct bank transfer on the homepage of your bank before sending him any money, most of banks tell that they cannot undo it. He complains about the small percentage that PayPal takes or that the transfer needs a few days? It is your money you transfer to him!

Nick Mancuso wants you to set up a sales page or petition page for him

Before you set up a sales page or petition page for him, he will manipulate you enough so that you think that it was your own idea. A big fan would never deny something, so a fan will feel honored if he/she is allowed to do that for him. Of course, you will pay for everything: For the hosting services, for the websites, and all the time you will invest for creating the websites for him. If you sell something, all payment services usually ask you for your tax ID, it has a reason why they do that. In many countries you need to report to your tax office if you had any income. The sale and payment services are requested to report it to the tax office on their side, therefore you gave them your tax ID or your bank information. Beside of that, you always need to sign your tax return with the words that everything was indicated truthfully. You will have to explain your tax office in your tax return why you received money, what you had sold, and what happened to that money afterwards. You need to be transparent toward the tax office and toward Nick Mancuso because you play the middleman. Because Nick Mancuso as an end user might blame you later that you might have kept/stolen money. What tells Nick Mancuso that you gave him all money you made by selling his items? It will work for petitions in a similar way. And do not forget that you have to pay payment services, too. You put yourself in a difficult legal situation. That is also a very known way how Nick Mancuso prefers to scam his fans and friends. Many fans fell for that type of scam, they can share their story with you. And although fans and friends warn of him and although lawyers were already involved, he still continues to ask fans and friends to set up such pages for him in 2019. He will not stop with it if you do not set a limit.

Any proofs needed?

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Direct quotes of fans and victims

  • "In today's culture we all are being warned about fraudulent celebrity accounts asking fans for money. Then NM [Nick Mancuso] goes ahead and does this."
  • "I recall when he began realizing that I too, would no longer be helping nor would I have anything more to do with him. The countless voice messages, emails, anger, rage and threats. Despicable. How DARE he. He gives new meaning to the word entitlement. For shame."
  • "Nick Mancuso is nothing but a drug addict and alcoholic. He is a sad, useless excuse for a human being who has contributed not one thing of value to this world. He has nothing to be proud of."
  • "As far as stalkers, I would take that term very loosely from his mouth. Of course all, especially good looking actors, get those that get fixated on their favorite actor, but Nick created a lot of his own 'so called' stalkers, by endearing himself, to lots of women and then they fall for him and he 'acts' surprised."
  • "He's been married 8 times legally and one common law marriage. That'll tell you a lot. Just don't think that if he was interested in you that way, that it is anything special. If you are younger thinner and adore him, you are a target, whether he is with someone or not, and he will ingratiate you enough to the point that you will chase him down and he will manipulate you enough so you think it's your idea."
  • "Some official TCM biography [3] tells that he would be longtime vegetarian because of his many diseases. He also claims that he has Hashimoto's disease. Everyone with Hashimoto's disease will tell you that they are not allowed to eat iodine and how difficult it is to find any food in supermarkets and restauraunts without salt containing iodine. But Nick Mancuso literally ate everything he got from supermarkets (including meat) when he was in Berlin in October 2017 for filming 'HipBeat' [4], and he ate pork hock in a restaurant without asking the restaurant staff if the food might contain iodine. Three German fans and a producer witnessed it. It does not fit the stories that he shall have Hashimoto's disease or that he shall be vegetarian, things simply don't add up. Same for his heart which shall function at 18% or 20% while he flies around in the world and climbs stairs up until the 5th floor at the same time. His behaviour does not fit some of his diseases he shall have. I think he is a hypochondriac, and he might cause some of his diseases by himself." [5]
  • "Nick Mancuso wrote me that he gets a monthly pension, I have it black on white. Another former fan told me, that he receives a monthly pension of $3800. But why is he still begging for money all the time? He has made millions of dollars in the past, where is all that money? His ex-business shall have "stolen" his money 20 years ago. I repeat, 20 years ago! Did he not make any money with films afterwards? Where is THAT money?"
  • "Nick Mancuso's famous T.O.P. system in a very few words: (O)bservation: Observing who has money and gaining information about that person. (P)erception: Mirroring that person to manipulate that person. (T)ension: Putting that person under pressure with pity ploys so that the person invests all time and money. I think I now have understood that system." 6

Top 1 question of Nick Mancuso's flying monkeys: Why did you not report the scam?

  • The scam was reported to the police in different countries, to the FBI, and IRS.

  • The scam was reported to GoFundMe in different countries, but GoFundMe did not remove the campaign. See
Counter question: Before asking us such questions by pretending that you really want to help us, you should try to report the scam to the police or GoFundMe by yourself. If you report it by yourself, you will indeed help us und you will experience the results of your reports firsthand and it will leave no room for speculations.

Why he has an interest in you and why he might tell you that he "dies soon": He wants your money!

"Every dog in the world is a better actor when begging for food at table."
"I will also "die soon" when I am between 90 and 110 years old, regarding to my pension insurance. Do you give me your money?"

Dog begging at table

BREAKING NEWS (May 7, 2019)

Nick Mancuso recently received a pacemaker and will not "die soon", please remember this in case that he will ask for money soon again because he "dies soon". Oh which irony! We wonder who has paid for it now if he did not receive the money from GoFundMe? Maybe his health insurance? :->

Nick Mancuso received pacemaker

Nick Mancuso's and Laila Frances Dekhil's Smear Campaign

The next images are a very good example of Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign. The first image shows Laila Frances Dekhil's art work to bully Nick Mancuso's ex-fans. It was posted by Laila Frances Dekhil on Pinterest, Nick Mancuso is one of her followers, it is approved by him. Laila is obsessed with the "hair thing" and likes to show ex-fans/victims without hair. Pinterest removed Laila's art work many times, but she re-added some of those pictures later again.

Laila Frances Dekhil's Smear Campaign

The following messages and comments were posted by Laila Frances Dekhil on Facebook to bully Nick Mancuso's ex-fans.

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign

Laila Frances Dekhil had created the following profiles and pages to attack us with words like "cunt", "bitch", "cumbag", "psycho", "whore" and with words mentioned in the screenshots above:
  • (Facebook page: "Tribute to Jana We")
  • (Facebook page: "Annie Wilkes Syndrome")
  • (Facebook page: "Justice pour Nick Mancuso")
  • (Facebook profile name: Béatrice Scanavino)
  • (Facebook profile name: Terrence Alexander Poher)
  • Facebook profile name: Jessica Cohen (was obviously also a fake profile if it is deleted now, we do not have the link anymore)
  • (Facebook profile name: Cohones Francesco (see 'cohones' and 'cojones'))
  • (Facebook profile name: Betty Blue)
  • (Facebook profile names: Richard Suchard, Lile Dique [Little Dick?])
  • (Facebook profile names: Richard Suchard, Jennifer Blesch, Silk Rose, Janaloste Herhair)
  • (Pinterest page: "Justice pour Nick Mancuso")
Laila Frances Dekhil lives in Paris, France. She appeared in one short ( She has no IMDB entry, she is unknown as an actress or producer. She has no reel as it is usual in film business and which would show something of her acting career. She sometimes uses Claudia Cardinale in her profile pictures. She leaves the impression that she adorns herself with borrowed plumes like many of Nick Mancuso's alleged friends, to gain attention. Nick Mancuso had encouraged her to cyberbully his ex-fans after he had conned them! We think she is doing that because she profits from his name in film business. We have proofs that it is/was Laila Frances Dekhil behind those profiles, we had warned her from the very beginning that Nick Mancuso only uses her. We had finally enough after being cyberbullied publicly by both for one year and therefore we had made their already public smear campaign public on our pages now to warn others. It is our intention that the smear campaign can be found if people google their names. Enough is enough.

The next video was also a part of Nick Mancuso's Smear Campaign. It was produced by Laila Frances Dekhil and approved and shared by Nick Mancuso with his ca. 5000 Facebook friends.

Nick Mancuso called an ex-fan who had blocked him already in many ways before. It happened on July 14, 2019, after that ex-fan was cyberbullied in their smear campaign for one year. Yes, that is also some way of harassment. The ex-fan did not respond to the call, it was recorded on voicemail instead.

Nick Mancuso harassing an ex-fan

Voicemail recording

In that voice message, Nick Mancuso offers to pay money back to that ex-fan. That is nice, but what about all the other people he had conned and who want their money back? Would it not be unfair if only one person gets money back? How does he want to pay that money? By conning other people? And why would he offer to give money back to that ex-fan if he allegedly did not con people and if he allegedly does not owe anyone anything? If he has silenced that ex-fan, he will con others. What does Nick Mancuso think? We were victims of his cons. It is not an attack, we defend ourselves against a con artist and we warn others that they do not lose big amounts of money. We became victims of his attack, his smear campaign.

Laila Frances Dekhil confirmed publicly that she and Nick Mancuso had to remove all his friends from his Facebook friendlist in 2019 while claiming at the same time that their profiles would be "hacked". Surprisingly, exactly the same situation happened already back in 2014 as the following screenshot proves. There are other people involved in 2019, but it is the same situation again!

Nick Mancuso deletes all his Facebook friends in 2014

Nick Mancuso tells in his smear campaigns that his victims suffer from mental diseases and that they are crazy. At least 50%-100% of those diseases are invented. For example, it should be more than obvious that a disease like the Annie Wilkes Syndrome does not exist. And even if some of those mental diseases really existed, he would have known them before his smear campaign started and before he and his flying monkeys would have written about it, that means at a time when he still conned those people. I would guess from the screenshots that Laila Frances Dekhil must have gained a degree in psychology if she can diagnose us with all those mental diseases that well, including Erotomania. I am not sure about the word Masturbation she had mentioned in one of the screenshots above. Hello Laila, what comes next? If a person asks us for a psychologist, we will send him/her straight to you! You are the expert!!!

My personal question to Nick Mancuso: If you know that those fans are "mentally ill", why do you maintain INTENSIVE CONTACT with them? So that it can be easily proved? Which normal celebrity is doing that? You did not do it one time, it repeated many times. Searching for such intensive contact with fans caused many problems the last 40 years. Why did you not draw consequences from that?

My personal question to Nick Mancuso and Laila Frances Dekhil: Some of the diseases that Nick Mancuso's ex-fans shall have are genetic diseases. For example, Trichotillomania is a disease which is caused by a genetic defect. Wikipedia tells that it is related to the Tourette Syndrome, Asperger Syndrome, Autism, ADD and ADHD. Almost the same for Bipolar disorder. About 85% of the risk is attributed to genetics. It does not mean that the person is crazy. My question to you both would be here: Do you not feel any SHAME to bully a person publicly with a genetic disorder? AFTER NICK MANCUSO HAS CONNED THOSE PEOPLE? How low can you go so that you need to cyberbully people publicly in this way? No matter if those diseases are real or not? Do you not feel ashamed of yourself? Laila works in a shoe shop in Paris, are her customers aware of her behavior on Social Media platforms? Do you also make fun of people in wheelchair or if they have cancer? What do film productions think about that?

Nick Mancuso twisting things around for his Smear Campaign

Nick Mancuso talking about a specific photo in 2009:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

Nick Mancuso talking with another (now ex-)fan about the same photo in 2016, but now twisting things in favor of his smear campaign:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

The photo he was talking about:

Nick Mancuso twisting things for smear campaign

Can you please explain how Nick Mancuso shall have taken this photo if he is IN the photo?
Since when does stress cause congestive heart failure? We know that alcohol and drug abuse and also smoking or diabetes can lead to congestive heart failure. If you look at the life of Jan-Michael Vincent, he was also suffering from diabetes and congestive heart failure, after many years of alcohol and drug abuse, like Nick Mancuso. Those diseases are self-inflicted.
Nick Mancuso writes in his message above the photo that his ex-business manager worked for him for 31 years until he left Nick Mancuso in 2001 (2016 minus 15 years). That means that his ex-business manager worked already for Nick Mancuso since the year 1970, that means 4 years before Nick Mancuso appeared on TV the very first time, before he was known? Nick Mancuso owned 5 houses after his ex-business manager left him and after his ex-business manager had "stolen all money from him", and Nick Mancuso still owes IRS millions since then? Does it make sense to you?

What can you do if you became a victim?

Please note that money sent to him directly or via GoFundMe cannot be refunded that easily. Usually banks do not offer to refund money sent via direct bank transfer, that money will be lost forever. PayPal may refund the money within of 6 months. You can try to file a complaint with the police, but later they might offer you to file a civil lawsuit where you have to bear the initial costs. He likes to have girlfriends around him who have connections to any attorneys. Do not answer his phone calls or e-mails, do not answer his attorney's phone calls or e-mails! Block him! Block his attorney! If you receive a letter from his attorney, do not answer that letter. That attorney's letter can be a fake. Even if it is not a fake, do not answer it! His attorney's letter will be the last thing Nick Mancuso will try. He knows that it is illegal what he is doing and that you will have better chances in court. It is something different if the prosecution or a court writes you a letter, but then you should contact an attorney first who reviews it. Let your attorney answer that letter then. An attorney is worth every single penny here! It is his intention to make you uncertain with his attorneys and by telling you that he went to the police, do not allow it! Do not share any police case numbers with others! Think first, act then! Please keep in mind that Nick Mancuso is someone who cons people since decades, it is not the first time that attorneys are involved! If he is in danger that he needs to go to a court, he will stop with it. The court is the very last place where he wants to be. He will continue with a smear campaign against you then, the smear campaign will happen in any case, publicly or behind your back without your knowledge. If he uses Social Media platforms for his smear campaigns, you can use the Report button of the Social Media platform. Warn of him, but do not pay him or his flying monkeys attention. Attention is what he wants.

More information: GoFraudMe

Chaos caused by narcissists

PsychopathFree quote

PsychopathFree quote

Similar cases

Anna Delvey was abusing people in almost the same way. Like Nick Mancuso, she connected with so-called "friends" who she used for keeping up her facade and/or who she abused financially later. Like Nick Mancuso, she blamed her victims then. In opposite to her, Nick Mancuso is a has-been star who does not have to pretend to be famous.


[1] We took notice that some of Nick Mancuso's profiles were shut down after this website was created, therefore some profile URLs might not work anymore. All his profile URLs were confirmed by him in person.
[2] Those profiles and pages are sometimes online or offline, based on Laila F. Dekhil's current mood.
[3] Nick Mancuso biography by TCM (article is not available in Europe):|0/Nick-Mancuso/biography.html
[4] Information about the film "HipBeat", in Italian:
[5] Possible relationship between narcissism and hypochondria:
[6] Mirroring and Pity Ploy in the context of narcissism: and
[7] The Facebook group's description "If you think Nick Mancuso likes, loves, or might be sexually infatuated with reptiles..." is a carefully chosen text. It is based on a story Nick Mancuso told almost every fan. Insiders will know what it means.
[8] The word "official" is put in quotation marks because it is obvious that it as a fan page created for Nick Mancuso, the contact page ( on that website is full of errors, e.g. "RayCell" is not an agent's name and his "agents" Greg Martin and Laila F. Dekhil live in Weatherford/Paris and not in Rome/Los Angeles/Berlin. The screenshot is in French because it was created by Laila F. Dekhil. What happened to Nick Mancuso's official agent in Toronto?

This website is not affiliated with the previous website which had existed until the end of the year 2011, the domain name has been available at ICANN.ORG in the year 2018.

This website is supported by an IT security specialist who works in financial business (for banks) and by two former fan club presidents. We also have support from a retired NYPD officer. We ensured that no false information is published on this website, we have proofs for each statement listed here. SEO is used for this website.

While we are aware that Nick Mancuso has deactivated some of his profiles, we decided to keep up this warning because we know that he will keep abusing some of his fans financially by using other forms of communication (e-mail, Skype and so on). It is a mistake to think that he would stop with his smear campaign if we remove our warnings. Facebook posts of fans from January 2019 and June 2019 proved us right. It took him 11 months to take down the GoFundMe page. His profiles and addresses were known because we were in contact with him for many years, they are not a secret.